More Balance.

More Connection.

More Peace.

Intuitive life coaching utilizing breathwork and mindfullness, let’s co-create empowerment in your unique life path

How Can Livity Wellness Serve You?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your life?

Are you experiencing fear of the future?

Are you confused and unsure about your life path and how to find peace and prosperity?

Romesh Naidoo, founder of Livity Wellness, is here to hold space for you to become the best version of yourself. Through the effectiveness of breathwork, mindfulness and intuitive life coaching, we will co-create empowerment in your unique life path.

Hi, I'm Rome

Rome is a finance graduate from the University of Cape Town and has 5 years experience teaching yoga, free form movement, meditation, breathwork and life coaching.


Rome believes that creating self care practice, paying attention to your gifts, and connecting to your purpose is the path to true wellness.


About Rome

My name is Rome, and I’m the Founder of Livity Wellness.

I have been practicing meditation for more than 10 years. Having grown up in a household where meditation was encouraged, I was introduced to these concepts at a young age.


Finally becoming serious about it at the age of 23, I started studying energy healing and yoga and haven’t stopped since. After working as a yoga teacher for some time, I started coaching and naturally found that combining breathwork, mindfulness and coaching lead to a very empowering experience. With experience in Finance and Entrepreneurship I realised how these practices set me apart as a manager and space holder in stressful conditions. 


Having worked with medical students at University of Cape Town, facilitating and designing the courses in Compassion offered by the Compassionate Birth Project NPO—taught me the value of these practices in developing empathy and compassion. 


Supporting my partner through two home births and 64 hours of labour, I learnt the empowering effects breathwork can have when we are stretched to the limit. I have a passion for working with the previously disadvantaged youth of our country and have facilitated groups with Action Volunteers in Cape Town, South Africa. We had so much fun together! I have really enjoyed the work I did with My Online Therapist in consulting to help them create their Teachers Wellness program, with the aim of creating a wave of positive change at South Africa’s Dept. of Education.


If you resonate with my energy, I am happy to be of service for you and your empowerment.



It’s time to rise. Rome.

"I don't see Rome's coaching as coaching, I see it as brother to brother. That's the energy that Rome has, its very unique and beautiful. He's fantastic."
"Rome’s breath work coaching helped me find my center in a very powerful way. I found the sessions strengthened my lungs and my heart. Highly recommended - Rome has incredible energy!"
"I have so much gratitude for the coaching I've received from Rome at Livity Wellness over the last couple of years. He's given me great tools to understand and work through some of my most limiting beliefs."

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